The Importance of RV Resort Site Spacing and Landscaping

The first impression of anything, including an RV resort, cannot be overestimated. The design of the RV campground plays a large part establishing the best RV resorts. Accordingly, one of the first things an RVer notices when pulling into an RV park is the space between the sites. A sense of space, air, light and some greenery makes a good first impression.

In addition, the growing size of RVs themselves make it even more essential that the spaces be large enough to offer a sense of privacy even while surrounded by dozens of recreational vehicles.

RV Resort Landscaping

Does the park include paved roads? Is there a concrete slab and some aesthetically pleasing landscaping at your site? A tree, some shrubbery and a neatly maintained plot of nice green grass would be great to wake up to and be in the middle of during days of relaxation.

What RVers would prefer not to experience is ground that is not level. No one wants to mess with blocks and chocks. Parking in a site where a utility pole blocks an RV slider is also an inconvenience.

A sense of space with attractive landscaping will most likely ensure return visits!

Canyon Springs RV Resort, a new Boise RV campground is located in Caldwell, Idaho, about 28 miles northwest of Boise Idaho. Bring your rig to this modern RV park in a rural setting that includes a 2.5 acre fishing and boating lake, 136 landscaped RV sites and easy on and off of yes. Interstate 84.