Around the Resort

There’s a lot to do and see around our beautiful resort. Not only are there great trails for biking and hiking, but also stunning golf courses and other awesome attractions. Here’s what we like to do around the resort.

Rocky Mountain Fireworks and Fur Co.

Open all year and housing Idaho’s largest selection of fireworks, this stand is a must visit on your trip. Who doesn’t love fireworks? And you don’t have to wait for the 4th of July to pop these off! Not only does this company sell fireworks, however there are myriad of other items available. You can find DVDs, fur and handling supplies, snares, books, predator calls, and much more.

Huston Vineyards

This beautiful vineyard is one of our favorites in the area. The warm days and cool nights make this an ideal location to visit for a quick taste of some delicious wine. The quaint little tasting room is too adorable, and the actual vineyard is a spectacular sight to see! The particular site was selected for it’s rich soil, warm temperature, and close proximity to the Snake River.

The Comfortable Canyon Springs

There’s several great things to see and do around the resort, but we’ve also got some entertainment on site. Our new lodge building and clubhouse is perfect for socializing and games! We’ve got billiards, cards, a TV lounge for watching games with your buddies, and a warm and inviting kitchen for get-togethers. We know some people love cooking for others, as some of us do, so we hope you’ll take advantage of the space! We can’t wait to share our new site with you! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (208) 402-6630, or email us as